What is the maximum size of plastic injected moulded part MPC can make?
We can mould parts up to a maximum shot weight of 700g.

Can I choose the colour of my plastic injected moulding components?
Yes. We offer a whole host of colour options as we stock an array of masterbatch. You can also have bespoke pigments made to your specific colour matches (RAL or Pantone).

Can you help with product design?
We are happy to work with our customers on the design and development of products, and we will always suggest ways in which tooling & production costs can be reduced for the customer.

What materials can you use?
MPC can process the main polymers. If you want to use a different material that is right for your component, then please send the details with your enquiry.

Can MPC delivery to multiple delivery points?
Yes, at MPC we use a pallet network company to offer next day delivery of pallets across the UK, we also have our own 3500kg vehicle for offering daily deliveries throughout the Midlands.